About Allard Studio and Melody Froc

My clients appreciate the professional consultation and the personal atmosphere.

Allard Studio has helped people in Chilliwack and the Upper Fraser Valley get rid of unwanted hair since the original owner, Jennifer Desloges, opened it in 1990.

I took over the studio in 2000 after successfully completing Jennifer Desloges’ 500-hour training program at the Alberta Technical Institute of Electrolysis and becoming a Certified Electrologist (CE).

After becoming a Registered Electrologist, (RE), I went on to achieve my Canadian Certified Electrologist (CCE) certification and my Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) certification by successfully completing the National written and practical exam.

More recently, in January 2013, I traveled to California to receive advanced training from Master Blend Electrologist, Michael Bono. I look forward to incorporating the techniques I learned as it will greatly benefit my clients by reducing the Total Treatment Time (TTT) to become hair-free.


I am qualified to work throughout Canada and am a member of The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia, the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Association, and the American Electrology Association.

Membership in these associations allows me to keep current with the latest developments in electrolysis and associate with other dedicated professionals in my industry. I am also a Practical Examiner for my provincial association.

Why Electrolysis?

I chose electrolysis as a career because I wanted to help people feel good about themselves.

As a mother of five school-aged children, I was ready to re-enter the work force but still wanted to have a career that was flexible enough to allow me to play an active role in their lives. After researching my options, I knew that electrolysis was the perfect choice for me.

My own Electrologist, Jennifer Desloges, set me on my path to electrolysis. I was incredibly impressed with her hair removal methods and the results she achieved with me and her other clients. Jennifer was very passionate about perfecting hair removal methods and training others to be competent Electrologists. I was very fortunate to train under her and learn how to use the most cutting edge technology and proven techniques to give my clients great results that surpass their expectations in a shorter period of time than many of my competitors who use less efficient methods.

I love what I do because my work transforms people’s lives and lets their true beauty shine through. It has been amazing to watch my female and male clients regain their confidence and self-esteem by permanently eliminating their unwanted hair—forever.



Allard Studio of Electrolysis invests in quality equipment to ensure you receive the best results possible. I use a Hinkel UC3+ (Modalities: Shortwave/Thermolysis, Blendwith) built in air desensitizer to make the treatment more comfortable and a Ziess OPMI 99 Surgical Microscope. Use of a surgical microscope provides faster more accurate insertions, better treatment of the hair follicle for faster results and a higher comfort level for the client.

My Greatest Occupational Hazard

I like to tell my clients that the only downside of my occupation is that I’m constantly working myself out of work!

That’s because I successfully rid my clients of their unwanted hair permanently in a short period of time, the hair NEVER comes back. I guarantee it. My clients are left with beautiful-looking skin—and they no longer require my services. That’s what I call a job well done.

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair for good?

If you’re ready to transform your life and say goodbye to unwanted hair for good, call today to book your FREE consultation and FREE sample treatment. I look forward to helping you on your journey to revealing your true natural beauty!